What to Pack for a Holiday During COVID

Going on holiday during the COVID crisis?

Take note:

  • you may have to contend with flight cancellations or delays.
  • hotels, lodges and B&B’s are obliged to take extra precautions. Anything that may threaten a guest’s safety has to be removed.

We suggest you pack the following:

  • Sanitizer
    Sanitizer in hotels and lodges is normally provided in all public areas and also in rooms. However, while travelling, it is best to have your own sanitizer and plenty of it. Carry your portable sanitizer with you, especially when leaving the hotel premises.
  • Masks
    Pack more than one mask. The wearing of masks in public is obligatory in South Africa. Thus, having a few spares will ensure you stay safe and within the law.
  • Medication
    Take enough of your prescription medication with you. Medical Aids allow double quantities should their members travel overseas. Also, remember to take some of the old stand-bys with you such as headache pills, diarrhoea & nausea medication etc. Also don’t forget a thermometer.
  • Supplements
    It is a good idea to keep your immune system fighting fit, especially while you’re away from home. So take your immune boosters with you.
  • Bar fridge stock
    Back in the ‘old days’ there was nothing nicer than checking-in at your favourite lodge, walking into your room and finding tons of goodies in the fridge. Sadly lodges, hotels and B&Bs are now required by law to remove all non-essential items from the rooms in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Alcohol sales, during the pandemic, are erratic and unpredictable, thus it is best to bring your own beverages and snacks for your holiday.

Rivonia Premier Lodge strives to maintain its high standards at all times. The safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority. We have adjusted to the current circumstances whilst still providing a top class experience.