Organizing an off-site business meeting during Covid? Questions to ask.

Covid-19 safety is the highest priority when organizing a business meeting. When a business meeting takes place off-site, extra precautions come into play. Here are some questions to ask:

The venue’s Covid-19 safety protocols. Are they in place?
Thoroughly check the venue’s Covid-19 safety protocols. They might be on the venue’s website.

Are these protocols strictly adhered to?
Inform clients and employees (attendees) of the venue’s house rules a day before the meeting commences.

Does the venue allow for social distancing?
Venues are restricted to 50% occupancy during Covid-19 restrictions. Make sure there is ample space to practice social distancing for the duration of the meeting.

Does the venue have good ventilation?
Make sure that doors and windows can be opened. Natural airflow is vitally important.

Is there thorough screening of persons entering the venue?
Venues are obliged to test the temperature of attendees before they enter the venue.
Names of attendees, their contact information and their temperature readings will be recorded.
Attendees with temperatures exceeding 37.9 degrees Celsius will not be allowed access to the venue.
Sanitizers should be provided by the property. They should be readily available.
Every attendee should sanitize his/her hands before entering the venue.

In-house catering. Is the kitchen compliant with Covid-19 industry protocols?
It is safer to use in-house catering when organizing a meeting.
It is best to avoid a third-party provider.
Venues should provide snacks, coffees and teas as a matter of course. Lunches and additional meals are to be served with the utmost caution as per the restaurant industry protocols.