Flying into or flying out of OR Tambo

If you are flying into or flying out of OR Tambo International Airport during Covid–19, know your facts.

  1. Wheelchairs will be sanitized after every use.
  2. All staff members will wear Personal Protective Equipment when assisting passengers.
  3. Refer to your respective airline for more information regarding deep cleaning and sanitization of aircraft after every flight.
  4. Passengers are encouraged to use online check-in to minimise touching of personal identity documents. Security will also request that passengers scan their boarding cards.
  5. All baggage handlers will wear full Personal Protective Equipment when assisting passengers and handling baggage.
  6. All baggage will be fully sanitised and baggage handlers will wear complete Personal Protective Equipment. Bags must be wrapped as an additional safety measure.
  7. Passengers will be screened upon entering the terminal building.
  8. Domestic travel: A screening questionnaire from the Department of Health must be submitted before all flights.
  9. International travel: Coming from a High Risk country? Only Business travellers are allowed into South Africa. The list of High Risk countries will be reviewed every fortnight. From a Low Risk country? Leisure and business travellers are permitted to enter South Africa. From Africa? To facilitate free movements of people, goods and services from South Africa, SADC and the African continent, travellers from the neighbouring countries are allowed to visit South Africa. Travellers from all African countries are allowed and must possess relevant travel documents and will also be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.
  10. International travel: Travellers visiting South Africa will be expected to produce a PCR [polymerase chain reaction] test that is not older than 72 hours from the time of departure from the country of origin to South Africa. All travellers testing positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in South Africa would be forced to undertake mandatory 10-day quarantine at a state facility at their own cost. Travellers were now required to have travel insurance which would cover testing and a stay at a quarantine facility where necessary.
  11. All persons entering the precinct of the airport will be temperature and visually screened Access points to the airport have been restricted and screeners have been deployed at these points. Purposely procured screening equipment will be used. Port Health which is a division of Department of Health has sufficient equipment to carry out passenger screening at the airports.
  12. Which restaurants and shops will be open at O.R. Tambo International Airport?
    • Vida Café
    • Pizza Express
    • Woolworths
    • Coffee & Cream
    • Chicken Licken
    • Cosmic Candy
    • Junxion Pharmacy
    • FNB,
    • Standard Bank and,
    • Nedbank
  13. Bathrooms will only be open at Domestic Departure arrival facilities and areas that are open such as the shops or restaurants. International travel: To be updated
  14. The bathrooms and high touch areas will be sanitised in accordance with the public health procedure as approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.
  15. Trolleys will be sanitized after every use. As an extra safety precaution, it is recommended that passengers to also sanitize their hands before using a trolley.
  16. There will be secondary screening and isolation facilities available for those with temperature higher that 38 degrees.
  17. Social distancing signage is up in the terminal building, and Covid-19 monitors will ensure that guidelines are enforced.
  18. Passengers must have a mask to be permitted inside the terminal building. Masks will also be sold at vending machines within the airport building
  19. Hand sanitisers have been made available at strategic passenger journey touchpoints throughout the terminals. Soap is also provided in all bathroom facilities. Hand sanitizers have been made available throughout the entire terminal building.
  20. All domestic flights are permitted for leisure and travel across all provinces.
  21. Rules inside the aircraft? Passengers must confirm with the airline directly.
  22. Passengers must wear a mask to be permitted inside the terminal building. Passengers who have a temperature higher than 38 degrees, will not be permitted to enter the airport. Passengers are asked to ensure they adhere to physical distancing of 1.5meters.
  23. All staff change their Personal Protective Equipment during the shift (e.g. after tea break). This is because the general assumption is that Personal Protective Equipment will be contaminated and exhibits a high risk to someone that will want to reuse them. ACSA does provide such Personal Protective Equipment to staff at no cost.
  24. All ACSA staff have been given compulsory Back To Work occupational health and Safety training on COVID-19.
  25. Passengers must be at the airport at least two hours for domestic flights to ensure enough time is allocated for screening and operational procedures. International travel: To be updated.
  26. Currently, only passengers are permitted inside the terminal buildings.
  27. Airports Company South Africa has recruited additional staff and implemented strict health compliance protocol, including social distancing, temperature screening all passengers and staff, regular deep cleaning, and surface sanitizing of the airports. All staff have been provided with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment and sanitizers.


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