The Book Club of ONE

I once knew a doctor who was the only member of his very own, registered book club.

I often welcomed the arrival of some trivial ailment as this gave me entrée into his inner sanctuary, where we made short shrift of the diagnosis and the prescription. After that we’d exchange notes on the latest books we’d been reading with no thought of the patients waiting patiently on the other side of the door.

This doctor was a prolific reader thus I usually came away with a recommended list much longer than the one he had gleaned from me.

I also knew of a young mothers’ book club where they dispensed with books altogether. They met once a month for an evening meal (the husbands stayed home with the kids) and had a merry time with lots of gossip, advice and support for each other. Uber was always on standby.

My book club is for grannies and such like. The merriment is still there but the topics of conversation are different. Since we write our reviews in pencil on the last page of the book, we keep discussion of the books to a minimum. However, I have been introduced to so many different genres over the years that the whole scope of my reading has broadened considerably.
The friendships that are forged at book clubs are often invaluable; especially if one is new to an area. I have friends at my book club whose friendship I have treasured over a great many years.

What prompted this blog is that Rivonia Bed & Breakfast has become popular for book clubs and scrapbookers alike for their end-of-the-year functions and Christmas-in-July or all-year-round get-togethers!

We offer packages which include discounted accommodation over weekends, dinners, scrumptious breakfasts by the pool, discounted Barnyard Theatre tickets and beauty treatments by professionals. We serve light lunches at functions as well. Our Business Centre (which accommodates 22 persons) is also ideal for book launches or guest speakers.

Thus, if you are considering an end-of-the-year get together, or an anytime get-together with your friends, please give us a call. We’d love to treat you to something special.