10 ways to care for employees who travel on business

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.’ Richard Branson.

Travelling away from home, hectic schedules, jetlag, adapting to foreign cultures and missing the family can all take a toll on business travelers – Road Warriors as they are called.
To show appreciation to employees who spend days or weeks away on company business is vital. Remember – Take care of your Road Warriors and they’ll take care of your clients.


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Some tips to show your ‘away from home‘ employees you care

Pick and choose. Not all these suggestions will suit your company budget or policy

  1. provide your company’s ‘road warriors’ with crucial health information such as travel alerts, immunization requirements and contact numbers which they’ll need in case of a medical emergency
  2. don’t book flights that get your employee out of bed at 4am in the morning just to save a couple of Rand
  3. some of your young employees may not have flown before. Some practical tips on travelling by air might put them at ease
  4. for long flights book Premiere Economy if Business Class seats prove too expensive
  5. provide back-up battery power banks, luggage tags, carry-on bags, earbuds, passport holders or a traveler’s first aid kit. Some of these are low cost and will show your appreciation
  6. book your employees into a top-rated friendly establishments that will take care of their needs and provide peace and tranquility in their off-time. Bland hotels can be lonely places
  7. Include a meal allowance in your employee’s budget – naturally within limits
  8. offer to pay for long distance calls home or allow their partners to join them i.e if your employee meets the additional costs. ‘Away time’ puts a strain on relationships
  9. offer those who have been away on business over weekends and holidays some time off or flexible working hours to catch up with themselves and their families
  10. a Thank You email from top management on their return adds a nice touch

Before you jump up and down and start shaking your head … consider what replacing an employee who has travelling burn- out will cost your company. The expense will far exceed some of the above ‘minor’ costs.